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The Fittest 50 Over 50

The Huntsman World Senior Games has announced its pick of the 50 fittest individuals over 50 years of age. Twenty-five men and twenty-five women from around the world who are still actively competing were selec...

Beware of those trails. . .

Here are three recent posts from what has been an eventful last two weeks. On August 4th So the week leading up to my wrist surgery has been great. Good work. Visible progress and fun riding. Until I mana...

You Forgot What?

So today was an opportunity to get out on the road rocket. Worked for the morning. Had some lunch, loaded the machines and took off to the park. Short ride planned before company shows up. Get to Moon, unloa...
Close up of bike rider.

Out for Lunch!

Nice to be back on the bike. Lunch ride and, since I’m retired, lunch is whenever I want and for however long I want. So there. I goofed though. Out here in the prairies, unless you are planning a longer...
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