Date night last night. Definitely not a rom/com. In all seriousness, this is quite the film. For the lead actors debut performance in a major motion picture, he did an amazing job. The Oscar talk for this film is well deserved too. If you are aware of the filming story and on how it was shot in 8min single take (I think) excerpts then pieced together to make the motion picture, you will be impressed with how it came together. I found that, while watching it, I was on the edge of my seat. I wouldn’t call it graphically overt or sensational, but the sense of tension was incredible. I was also amazed at the way in which the whole drama of trench warfare was portrayed. How these men were able to endure this horror day after day after week after month is beyond understanding. These young men went off for adventure and romance and were instead submerged into hell. Great film, great depiction of a part of history we should never forget. Anyway, all the best. Scoob.

1917 Movie Poster

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