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Masters Athletes train long and hard to develop their athletic skills. They take their sport seriously and devote significant time to training and competing in their sport of choice. Many enthusiasts know that part of advancing to a higher level in their sport may mean travelling to various destinations to compete with individuals or teams outside of their regional area.

But to enjoy the luxury of participating in national and international athletic events, individuals or teams must have the financial means to do so. Participating in sport at a high level is not cheap and neither is the cost of travel.  Expenses such as event registration, equipment purchases, meals, air fare, and hotel accommodations quickly add up.  Most people cannot afford the extravagant costs that come with the competitive part of their game.

For many athletes, competing in global championships or tournaments is nothing more than a dream but thanks to Ambitious Travel, that dream is now closer to becoming a reality.

Ambitious Travel is a new company that helps globe trotters and fitness gurus live their dreams by helping to make air travel affordable. This online business finds incredibly low prices to a variety of domestic and international destinations, then shares the information with its members.  

The idea for Ambitious Travel initially started in March 2016 when entrepreneur Kirill Melnikov was looking for his own flight deals from Toronto, Ontario to Bangkok, Thailand. As an avid traveller, Kirill was always looking for the best promotions for flights to his desired destinations.

By using a simple formula that he designed, Kirill found many discounted prices through hidden errors and airline seat sales that the public was unaware of. Knowing other people enjoyed travelling as much as he did, Kirill decided to turn his idea into a business to help other jet setters get the most cost-effective prices for their trips.

Ambitious Travel officially opened for business on December 1, 2016. The company helps people live their dreams of visiting different destinations and experiencing other cultures and events. With Ambitious Travel, athletes are no long restricted to participating in local tournaments only. They can now fulfill their goals by going to events all over the world.

Whether travelling as an individual athlete or as part of a team, Ambitious Travel makes it possible to take your athletic abilities to the next level while experiencing the culture and beauty in other parts of the world.

Ambitious Travel is not a travel agency. They do not book flights but they dig deep to find the cheapest travel prices, then forward the information to their members, along with the airline links so participants can arrange their own flights. For Masters Athletes, this service means that the competitions and races that were once inaccessible, are now within reach.

Anyone can join through a free membership or pay a nominal monthly subscription fee for the premium service. The premium membership provides users with a wider array of travel deals than the free membership.

Emails are sent to each member on a regular basis to let them know what deals and destinations are available.  Members can also tailor their travel needs to get the best price on specific locations.  Each email includes links so viewers can book their own flights.  

Ambitious Travel helps Masters Athletes excel to the highest level in their desired sport by opening up a world of affordable travel.  Visit their site today to start saving on your next destination.

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