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The Calgary 55+ Hockey Association was formed in 1990 to provide an opportunity for Calgary and area players 55 years and older to participate in recreational hockey for the fun of the game. Association members play in various arenas around the city, join in the camaraderie and fellowship, and support community programs through annual  contributions to selected charities. In 2001, the Association was granted a Certificate of Incorporation as a non-profit society under The Alberta Societies Act.

Bill Armstrong, George Temple and Ted Bancks, the founding members, were instrumental in organizing the original participants of 55+ hockey. From its modest roots (ten skaters, one goalie and a shooter tutor), the Association has grown to over 500 skaters playing for teams of various skill levels in six different arenas.

The success of the organization depends on all of its members supporting the purpose and principles for which it stands. The Association is dedicated to providing a fun and safe form of hockey for players of various ages and skill levels. Participants are asked to wear full protective equipment, but referees, linesmen, and scorekeepers are not used for games. If an individual is interested in working out their aggressions or tracking their scoring statistics, this is not the appropriate venue.

The activities of the Association are managed by an elected Executive Management Committee and guided by a document entitled “Operating Procedures and Guidelines”. Each team elects its own Team Coordinator who is responsible for budgeting, setting registration fees, renting ice, recruiting new members, assisting in the movement of players to different teams (if necessary), and managing day-to-day operations. The Team Coordinator represents their team on the EMC which meets on a regular basis, usually three times a year.

The Association provides a central registry for members and teams, an insurance program, a yearly tournament (usually in November), ice rental negotiations with the City of Calgary, and a managed website. We anticipate continuous growth through the years, as we provide enjoyable hockey experiences for older players in our communities.

We invite you to browse the website to learn more about the Calgary 55+ Hockey Association and other hockey opportunities such as out of town tournaments.

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