Canaqua Sports Celebrates Banner Year for Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge

News from Ian Feldman, President of Canaqua Sports Inc.:

“As we come to the conclusion of the 2022 season, Canaqua Sports is very excited about the success of the Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge and what we have accomplished. After effectively taking 2 years off due to COVID 19, we came back with a bang, with 10 events scheduled from coast to coast making the Mudskipper Challenge the largest Swimrun series in Canada. In addition to our Canadian events, we were also very excited to send a team of 8 swimrunners to Grado Italy for the World individual SwimRun Championships run by Aquaticrunner of Italy. Canaqua Sports has partnered with Aquaticrunner since 2018, and sent a group to the 2019 world event as well.

“The Aquaticrunner IWC Solo World Championship 2022 was held in Grado Italy on September 18, 2022, and truly marks the end of the swimrun season in Canada. We were very excited to have 5 women and 3 men amongst the 211 competitors who started the race. You can tell how challenging the event was as only 134, including all 8 Canadians completed the event.

“Amongst the Canadians, Sara Hopkins, from St Catherine’s as the top finisher, as she placed 5th overall in the Female category, 2nd in the age group and was the 2nd international woman to finish. In 8th place was Erin Schenkle from Kenora also finishing in the top 10, placing 8th overall and 4th in her age groups. Another notable participant was Janice German, from Vancouver, who at age 65 was the oldest competitor, and finished in 19th spot amongst the ladies and was first in her age group.  On the men’s side, top Canadian was Nicholas Crow from Halifax who placed 84th overall and 73rd amongst the men.

“This event was very much a coming out for the Mudskipper Swimrun Challenge and for the development of SwimRun in Canada with the Canadian team being front and center at the world event.  We look forward 2023 with more and larger events.

“In 2017 Canaqua Sports ran its first swimrun event in Sudbury On. As part of the Canaqua Sports SwimRun Challenge. Since that time, we changed the name to the Mudskipper swimrun Challenge in 2019 as a Mudskipper is an amphibious animal that lived on both the land and in the water and was very appropriate given the nature of Swimrun. As we launched, COVID struck and with that, we not only shut down our events, but at the same time we worked hard, adding events across Canada so that we would be ready when life opened up. This has led to the Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge growing across Canada in 2022, with even more events coming up in 2023. We look forward to continued growth of the sport, and invite anyone interested in knowing more about swimrun and the Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge to contact us at

“Whether you are looking for information, are interested in running an event, or are interested in becoming a sponsor, we would like to hear from you. Even if none of those interest you, spread the word. SwimRun is an amazing sporting event that is taking the world by storm, and is primed for amazing growth over the next few years. The Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge is spurring that growth in Canada, and beyond.

“Looking forward to some incredible years ahead!”

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