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You Forgot What?

So today was an opportunity to get out on the road rocket. Worked for the morning. Had some lunch, loaded the machines and took off to the park. Short ride planned before company shows up. Get to Moon, unloa...
Close up of bike rider.

Out for Lunch!

Nice to be back on the bike. Lunch ride and, since I’m retired, lunch is whenever I want and for however long I want. So there. I goofed though. Out here in the prairies, unless you are planning a longer...

Time to ride!

Managed to get out for a rip with my #lionessofflanders @soniapensaert today. She completed her Saskatoon Half Marathon yesterday and needed to spin out her legs. So off we went to #mybackyard @ridingmountai...

Perfect Storm

So what is a perfect storm? Like Wikileakiepedia and the Googlies say: it is when a specific set of conditions comes together in a rare opportunity to combine and produce an event that is potentially catastr...

In Gratitude

This is an odd message, and one that I don’t want you to think is only spurred on by the events occurring all over the globe today. I want all of my family members far and wide, distant and close, to know that ...
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