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Random old and worn fitness equipment on wood floor with black background

Top Fitness Trends Then and Now

By Lorraine Pelley Now that it’s February, we have all had time to settle comfortably into the New Year. Winter is already half over and everyone is either going full swing with their fitness schedules or star...

The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2018

How do we know them already? Because we asked some of the brightest minds in the business. By Martin Fritz Huber, Outside Online Each year, we see the rise of at least one new, seemingly-crazy health fad. 2007 brought the four-hour work week. In 2009, we lea...
Wooden figurine with grey background on knees focused downard.

The Power of Anxiety

By Ken Lubin, Executive Athletes Accepting anxiety is a sign that I must do what is necessary. It means that I need to make things happen. It means that I can do what I do best. It means that there is power ...
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