The topic of proper breathing is becoming a mainstream discussion in the media. There was just an article in CNN news, October 8, 15, about training pro-athletes, teaching them how to align their body to access the diaphragm muscle and breathe more efficiently. It is about time this muscle is given the attention it deserves; it is, after all, how we take the most important nutrient for life into the body.

I have personally made proper breathing the focus of my life, and have for over 15 years. What I have observed is that until individuals learn to create the space in the tissue that is necessary to access the diaphragm muscle fully, breathing is somewhat inadequate, causing a “starvation” of the cells.

There are about one hundred trillion cells, and each requires oxygen first and foremost to thrive. If the diaphragm is compromised in any way, the oxygenation process is incomplete. Like a balloon, when it is full with air it almost defies gravity, when the air is let out, it becomes denser, and sinks to the earth. The body, fully oxygenated is light and buoyant, able to move freely without restriction or pain; the heavy starved body is collapsed and restricted inviting tension, pain and disease.

The challenge we face today is that the collapsed, starved tissue becomes entangled with itself and grips onto bony surfaces creating barricades to blood and oxygen flow. The seal is magnetic and has a force of up to two thousand pounds per square inch. That is a powerful seal and is the ultimate reason we aren’t able to breathe with the freedom necessary to fully oxygenate all the cells in the body. This also causes a cooling down of tissue as energy is lacking. The solution lies in releasing the grips and decompressing collapsed tissue. This is what Block Therapy does.

Block Therapy uses a handcrafted cedar wooden block called the Block Buddy that is designed to “melt” through the adhesions in tissue that block blood and oxygen flow. The genius lies in the fact that we are approaching the “frozen“ tissue from the inside and the outside of the body. Proper diaphragmatic breathing, with the exhalation being the focus, turns on the internal furnace. It is the action of the diaphragm moving up and down the core that generates the heating of tissue throughout the entire body. Combined with pressure and therefore heat created from lying on the Block Buddy as instructed in Block Therapy, an overall melting and release of restriction and a subsequent decompression in tissue occurs, resulting in improved blood and oxygen flow to cells.

I am thrilled to see an increase in the discussions and attention given to this magical muscle, as it truly is the connection to a better life. But for as much as we work to strengthen the diaphragm, until it can be properly aligned, the benefits will only be partial. No matter if you are an athlete, a teenager, living the golden years, male or female… accessing the diaphragm fully will improve the quality of every aspect of your life. Don’t wait any longer – do Block Therapy – Breathe & Believe!

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