The pandemic has caused people to change their behavior in many ways. One of the positive shifts is the increase in fitness habits and exercise. In fact, recent studies show that 31.9% increased their exercise activities during the pandemic. As more people continue to maintain their workout habits, the popularity of fitness tools and accessories has also grown. As people become more reliant on mobile and instant tech, digital tools and electronic accessories are perhaps some of the most helpful accessories that you can use in your fitness journey. Given that, here are some of the tech tools and accessories you need in 2022 for better fitness and health:


Today’s smartwatches can measure virtually anything. Whether you’re tracking your steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, or other workout parameters, this piece of wearable technology is as versatile as they come.

One of the most sought-after smartwatches today is the Apple Watch Series 6, the tech giant’s newest release. With this smartwatch, you can even measure your blood oxygen levels thanks to a new LED sensor. You can also stream your favorite music or podcasts without having to fiddle around with wires or cords. And on top of it all, it has great features, such as making phone calls, using apps, and even Apple Pay. It’s a piece of technology that has it all, and it’s very much worth the investment.

Smart Scales

Keeping track of one’s goals is a major priority for those who are serious about their fitness. This is usually done by monitoring one’s weight and body composition to track progress. This is why smart scales are set to dominate fitness enthusiasts’ homes in 2022. These health tech products can do more than just measure how much you weigh.

Take the Fitbit Aria Air smart scale, for example. It displays your weight and BMI and uses Bluetooth technology to sync it to the Fitbit app, where you can track fitness trends over time. You can also see how your activity and nutrition impact your goals. By investing in a scale, you can be sure to fit into your gear, whether that’s your new dri-fit shirt or speedo shorts.

Action Camera

Investing in gadgets and accessories that you can take on your fitness adventures can encourage you to be more active. It’s fun to document excursions such as hikes, climbs, and even swims. To ensure you aren’t limited by tools that may be sensitive to rugged environments, it’s best to select a digital camera with the right features, like a Go Pro. These sturdy cameras are perfect for capturing action shots no matter what you’re doing. They’re portable enough to carry with you everywhere, and they can even withstand drops, shakes, moisture, dust, and other aggressors. Even if you’re just working out at home, taking exercise footage allows you to review your sessions and ensure that you’re observing proper form. With more people resuming their usual activities, having an accessory like this is a must.

Nutribullet Blender

Nutrition is just as important as the actual exercise you do and having the right tools to prepare your food and drinks can help tremendously in your fitness journey. This is especially applicable for those who are serious about burning fat and gaining muscle. To help manage your weight, investing in something like a NutriBullet Smart Blender is your best bet. It gives you the exact nutritional value of any smoothie you blend, from the overall calorie content to the amount of fat, protein, and sugar present. You can also use the app to choose hundreds of healthy recipes from top dietitians and nutritionists.


Most people like to listen to something when they work out. It helps keep any repetitive movements engaging and makes your workout more enjoyable. Technology such as noise-canceling earbuds is convenient for exercise. Going with a brand like JBL is a great choice as it is considered one of the best in the business. Their earbuds stay in your ears comfortably, and a single charge will last you up to seven hours of playtime. The charging case will also provide you with an additional two full charges, making them ultra-portable and useful even beyond the gym.

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