Took a break for three days and although the shoulder discomfort is still there, it’s not worse.

They say a bad habit is developed very rapidly and it takes about 10,000 repetitions of a singular motion to replace the bad habit (or ineffective motion) with a good habit (or effective motion). If this sort of lap time, or average time over the same distance, remains consistent, I may have indeed vanquished The Kracken!

It is early days yet and I know that it will all go to hell when I have my umpteenth wrist surgery in 3 weeks, but I am hopeful now that I am on pace to recover my Ironman swim pace. With luck, after the surgery and recovery, I will rediscover the efficiency and be able to build distance back up.

I am hopeful too that the run training will help to prevent major fitness loss. Secretly though, I think it’s the new @speedo nana-nana’s! Man, if I could do everything in a speedo, I’d be Incredible! I should just be like Clark Kent and wear my super suit under my clothes! Hells-a-poppin! Watch out now, here comes Super Scoob!

Anyway, all jokes aside, all the best. Scoob @sportsmasters

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