Blood is the carrier of life. This wonderful substance is what feeds and cleans the cells in the body, allowing for healthy tissue. Nutrients and oxygen are carried to cells, and waste and carbon dioxide are carried away from cells. For a cell to be healthy, it needs blood to travel freely. The challenge is that over time, gravity compresses body tissue and creates roadblocks. These roadblocks are what limit blood and energy flow resulting in cells that aren’t sufficiently fed or clean.

The “Fuzz Speech” is an excellent video that explains what happens to tissue as it ages, or as injury occurs. The “fuzz” that builds between the layers of fascia, or connective tissue, is the issue that needs to be addressed for blood and energy flow to resume to cells. The challenge is that the fuzz will seal and hold the tissue, thereby blocking blood flow, with a force up to 2000lbs/square inch.

Another challenge is that as we age and undergo tissue collapse, the rib cage literally collapses into the core of the body. The diaphragm, the muscle responsible for proper respiration, is the floor to the rib cage and when it falls into the core, the diaphragm becomes compressed and displaced. This affects the mechanics of this muscle and prohibits full optimal breaths into and out of the body. This further exaggerates the body’s ability to feed cells, as oxygen can’t absorb optimally into the bloodstream.

The overall effect of gravity’s grip is a body that experiences pain, age and disease. The real challenge is to “melt” through the fuzz and resume with proper diaphragmatic breathing, in order to feed and clean cells efficiently. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Block Therapy melts through the roadblocks. It is the combination of lying over the Block Buddy, a handcrafted tool made of cedar, combined with proper instruction of diaphragmatic breathing, and guidance of moving into pain, that creates the tissue release. Pain is the guide, as it is the language the body uses to let us know that tissue is hungry. Pain is like a roadmap to our health. When you understand the language and what to do with it, you can use it to promote health, healing and tissue rejuvenation, by allowing blood to flow freely to cells.

Breathe and Believe

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