IMGA Announces 2027 Masters Games in Italy

At the International Masters Games Association (IMGA) Board of Directors meeting in October, all members unanimously voted for the stunning Como, Varese and Lecco region to hold the IMGA Open Masters Series in 2027.

The regional Masters Games that have been taking place all over the world since 2008, are in the process of rebranding into the IMGA Open Masters Series to emphasize all events are open to everyone around the world.

Antonio Rossi, 5-time Olympian, commented: “After the Winter World Masters Games 2024 and the Winter Olympics in 2026, now also the 2027 Open Masters Series put Lombardia further on the map in the future of sport on a global scale. We were very committed with our team and it has been rewarded. As a sportsman, this result has an even higher meaning for me.”

The event in Italy will build upon the legacy of the Olympic Winter Games that are being held in the region in 2026. All sports competitions will be staged in the regions of Como, Varese and Lecco.

Sergey Bubka mentioned: “The IMGA board are impressed with the professional and dedicated approach to sport in the region of Lombardia. This combined with being one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, it is guaranteed to create the best possible setting for an event the Masters Athletes unquestionably will love”.

Next year, in 2023, two IMGA Open Masters Series will take place in Jeonbuk, South Korea and Tampere, Finland. More than 15.000 athletes are expected to participate in both events.