This is an odd message, and one that I don’t want you to think is only spurred on by the events occurring all over the globe today. I want all of my family members far and wide, distant and close, to know that I love them and care for them deeply. I also want my friends the world over, from all aspects of my life, to know that you have touched me and, should we never meet again, please know that you made a difference in my life.

It is unfortunate that it takes something like a pandemic to spur a sense of gratitude and a need to reach out. Honestly, I think these thoughts every day and reminisce about times we have shared. Good and bad. Those memories sustain me daily, but also give me strength now. I hope that you can say the same about all of your relationships.

As I get older, it becomes more and more clear to me how fortunate I have been to live the life I have led. The fact that you were part of it, helped to make it a life worth living.

Thanks for being you. All the best. Scoob @thesportsmastersgroup

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