Joanne Holt, a personal trainer and Block Therapy Instructor, has always lived a healthy lifestyle. Before becoming a professional trainer and mentor, Joanne worked in the health care field for many years.

Her pivotal moment came after 16 years in the health profession when she suffered a severe shoulder injury brought on by the daily repetitive movements of her job. When other treatments and therapies failed, Joanne turned to Pilates, yoga, and resistance training to rehabilitate her shoulder and arm. The progress was slow at first, but persistence paid off and regained full function in her shoulder and arm.

From that moment, Joanne knew that she wanted to help others to regain control of their health. In 2003, she left her job to become a full time personal trainer. Joanne has spent most of her career working with elderly clients and people with chronic conditions who cannot find relief elsewhere. She has been instrumental in helping senior adults maintain their health and mobility, so they could live independently in their own homes much longer.

In 2013, Joanne met Deanna Hanson, an athletic therapist and the creator of Block Therapy. Joanne was so inspired by Deanna’s work, she decided to take the Block Therapy Instructor Program.  By 2014, Joanne became one of the first Block Therapy Instructors in Winnipeg. Today, she is busy teaching classes throughout Winnipeg and other towns in Manitoba. She has been featured in several media articles throughout the province and public webinars.  

Joanne has been instrumental in helping others learn take better care of themselves, treat injuries and manage other chronic conditions through block therapy, resistance training, proper breathing techniques, and healthy eating.  Often, clients go to Joanne feeling lost, because they have been unsuccessful with other programs and therapies. She teaches people the importance of proper breathing and making permanent lifestyle changes.

Joanne Holt in a standing yoga pose with a desert setting in the background.


Joanne has found a lot of inspiration watching the transformation that happens when her clients realize that the small steps she has shown them are helping them feel better and lose weight. She also takes great pride working with elderly adults that are often forgotten. She has worked with each person in their own home, offering companionship, exercise, and support.

Although Joanne does this professionally, she also spends a lot of her personal time volunteering to help others regain control of their health. She doesn’t believe that you need to buy an expensive gym membership to become active. Joanne works with each client individually to teach them different exercises and lifestyle changes that they can do in their own home.

Outside of her own professional work, Joanne is naturally very active. She enjoys cycling, yoga, hiking, and water related activities. She is never afraid to try new programs and encourages those around her to find a sport they enjoy.


Joanne Holt in a woods setting laying on yoga mat with multiple goats during a goat therapy session.

Teaching Goat Block Therapy, summer, 2017


Next month, Joanne will be going to Mexico. She already has clients booked so that she can teach Block Therapy while she is there.   For more information about Joanne and her classes, you can visit her website at:

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