Joe Barr Sets Another Age Category Record

Joe Barr, President of the World Ultra Cycling Association (WUCA), has set another record as the first WUCA Men 50+, delivering an incredible performance and completing the Race Around Poland in 213 hours, 34 minutes and 39 seconds.

The experienced Irish cyclist and his crew covered 3,618 km along Polish borders in 213h 34′ 39″.  Among all the notable results obtained by Barr throughout his career, this special one makes him the first ever World Ultra Cycling Champion in the 50+ age category.

On top of the sleep deprivation and weather conditions that all the racers faced, Barr fought through his own challenges during the race including a back injury that threatened to end his race. But he persevered through it all and came out of it victorious.

Congratulations to Barr and his team as they can be proud of this amazing accomplishment which places him among the world’s top ultra cyclists.

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