Kai Rainey Changes Her Health Trajectory and Career with Crossfit

“I’m gonna be 52 this year. I see other people my age who are convinced that they can’t let their heart rate get too high, that they can’t do hard, physical workouts anymore because of their age and I just feel like I’ve still got thirty years of workouts ahead of me,” says Kai Rainey.

At 42 years old, weighing over 300 pounds, Kai Rainey had difficulty walking and knew her health was in a downward spiral.

Instead of maintaining or worsening her quality of life for the next 30 years, Rainey took control and took action, trading in her sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle for an active, healthier one with CrossFit.

Ten years later, Rainey is helping others own their health, as a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and the owner of CrossFit Cure in Tucson, Arizona.

Catch up with Rainey on how the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course inspired her to become a coach and open her affiliate, and the benefits of CrossFit on her mental and physical health.

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