Ken Rideout: The Champion Mindset

How do you evolve into an unbreakable champion? Never set limits. Welcome pain. And be ready to die to win.

This is the ethos of Ken Rideout, who recently returned to Rich Roll’s podcast to discuss the tools you need to chase huge dreams and transform your life wholesale anytime, and at any age.

An absolute force of nature, Ken overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles – a rough and chaotic childhood and later a battle with opiate addiction – to become one of the world’s pre-eminent Masters Athletes.

He consistently takes the podium at prestigious marathons, including a recent age group world champion title at the Chicago Marathon plus wins in the 50+ division of the New York City, Boston, and Tokyo Marathons.

This summer Ken debuted his ultra career by not only completing the Gobi March, a grueling 155-mile, self-supported, 7-day stage run across the harsh desert terrain of Mongolia, but outright winning it by over 84 minutes.

What’s even more impressive is that before this race, Ken had never slept in a tent, run with a backpack, or had significant experience in the outdoors. In this podcast, Rich and Ken unpack Ken’s extraordinary Gobi March win, his unique strategy in the race, and what motivates his beast-like drive.

They also discuss the mindset tools, discipline, consistency, and humility that fuel his growth and help him get better, faster, and stronger in his 50s.

Ken is one of a kind, bullshit-free, and 100% authentically himself. His vulnerability is refreshing. His perseverance is remarkable. And his message is powerful: nothing good happens when you’re comfortable.

The podcast is available for viewing on YouTube or Spotify. The audio version streams free on Apple Podcasts.