Kirstie Booth: World Record-breaking Steeplechase Runner at 46

Kirstie Booth is a hairstylist and at age 46, is now a world record-breaking steeplechase runner.  Defying her age, Booth’s story is one of resilience, courage, and transformation.

Living in Wellington, a market town in Somerset, England, Booth said health problems in her 30s made her rethink what she could do and decided it was time “to get on with it”.

Booth’s journey into competitive Masters Athletics started unexpectedly. She began running, which served as a means to improve her health and her passion and dedication propelled her towards specializing in the steeplechase. This discipline requires athletes to not only have endurance but also the agility to navigate obstacles such as fixed barriers and water jumps. Despite the late start, Booth’s unwavering commitment transformed her from a novice into a world record holder.

Booth is the embodiment of the adage that it’s never too late to redefine personal limits and achieve greatness. Her success is not just about breaking records but it’s about dispelling the myth of getting older and proving that personal reinvention is possible at any stage of life.  Her journey from a hairdresser to a world-class athlete offers important lessons on the power of transformation and the endless possibilities that await those willing to chase their dreams.

Her coach Charlotte Fisher said that Booth’s achievements should not be underestimated and stated, “To take it up in your early 40s, having never done it before, is incredible really. In many ways she’s redefining what’s possible with age, as a runner, and achieving amazing things.”