Lachlan Morton Finishes the Tour Divide in Record Time

After 2,670 miles of riding and with 192,000 feet of climbing across five states and two Canadian provinces, Lachlan Morton completed his individual time trial along the Tour Divide route in just 12 days, 12 hours, and 21 minutes, becoming the fastest person ever to complete the storied route.  Morton started his journey in Banff, Alberta and reached Antelope Wells, New Mexico in record breaking time.

The official Tour Divide rules forbid “visitation,” which includes media crews on route, so Morton’s time will be denoted with an asterisk. Still, throughout his monumental effort, Morton posted the highest-mileage days ever along a slightly modified version of the route due to fires around Koko Claims in Canada, finishing a full day faster than the late Mike Hall’s 2016 time of 13 days, 22 hours, and 51 minutes, which continues to stand as the self-supported course record.

As part of Morton’s blazing-fast ride, he also made note to prioritize sleep and rest, something many top riders in the ultra-endurance racing scene have increasingly foregone in recent years. He stopped for 12 hours out of every 48 in an effort to avoid pushing himself beyond mental and physical exhaustion. His plan of resting clearly paid off, helping him make smart decisions and sustain his effort while on the bike.

Morton’s ride was also a fundraiser for Adventure for All, a national non-profit organization that empowers individuals with exceptionalities (Down Syndrome, Autism, and other intellectual and developmental exceptionalities) through outdoor adventures. He’s raised more than $26,000 so far, and contributions can be made at

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