Larry Oslund Breaks Multiple World Records on His Recumbent

With an incredible seven new World Ultracycling Association (WUCA) and Guinness World Records, Larry Oslund showed incredible endurance and perseverance on March 20, 2024 to push through acute knee pain and fatigue to achieve his goal.

His main record – the 500km – was completed in just 13 hours, 35 minutes and 8 seconds, setting a new record in his category and also greatly exceeding the existing upright record in the same age category by over an hour and 40 minutes.

As part of his record attempt, he also set six other World Records on his recumbent bike – the 200km, 300km, 200mile, 300mile, 6hr and 12hr.

His 6 month training regime was impressive – putting in about 14,000 miles, beginning from 350 miles/week to about 1000. And even more impressive is his training set up – he completed over 95% of those 14,000 miles on Zwift and used his custom workstation to combine his computer-based work life and training.

Larry Oslund is no stranger to record-making and breaking. He already held numerous 100km and 100mile records before this attempt but wanted to stretch himself to longer distances and times this year.

Congratulations to Larry for setting such a high bar for all these distance and time records. From reading his race report it looks like the 24hr attempt (not possible logistically this time) is still on his wish list.

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