Leah Goldstein Completes the 2024 Trans Am Bike Nonstop Race

She did it!

Leah Goldstein arrived at the finish line of the Trans Am Bike Nonstop race at 12:02 ET on June 24th.  After 22 days of unsupported riding from Oregon to Virginia, Leah finished 3rd overall and 1st in the women’s division.

It is an extraordinary feat of endurance to ride 4,191 miles in 22 days, 3 hours and 2 minutes.

What an amazing accomplishment considering the challenges she faced including atmospheric rivers, extreme heat, blown tires and even being chased by a bear!

Leah is the definition of No Limits and we congratulate her on her unbounded, never give up mindset.

For more information about the Trans Am Bike Nonstop, visit https://rideyrbike.com/

For more information about Leah Goldstein, visit https://leahgoldstein.com/