So it is time to change it back up. I am a child of the 60’s and grew up in @speedo swimsuits. For all of the time I spent in the pool growing up, hanging with my friends, swimming lessons, diving lessons, scuba lessons it was always my trusty Speedo.

A while back, probably 2007 for my first go at triathlon, I switched to the square cut TYR, but I just never got the hang of them (pun intended). Sure, I did do some events in them but for simple lane swimming, I prefer a good old Speedo. I can’t really bring off the “Daniel Craig coming out of the water look” anyway. So, I took the plunge and made the trip to @swimmingmatters and picked up some new nana-nana’s! If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you need to watch the movie Blue Crush. As gratuitous as it is, it is still one of my guilty favourites if you like surf films.

Now, after a week away from getting wet, I was able to don my new nut huggers, and dive right in. It was bliss. Kind of like slipping into that favourite sweater on a blustery day. I felt very slippery in the water and even upped my gross distance by 250 meters and at a faster sustained pace. Anyway, all I am trying to say here is, when it comes to sport or anything in life; wear what makes you feel good and that you can be comfortable in.

Certainly, some items are required but if you are blowing your budget so that you can fit in and not be the “Fred” in the group, then you’re in it for the wrong reason. Ultimately, it isn’t the gear that makes you go fast or be competitive, it is the person that’s in that gear. So just get out, sign up, step up, and do it. Don’t worry about how you look.

Have fun, be healthy and most of all be safe. @thesportsmastersgroup Anyway, all the best. Scoob. (PS, that’s not a bra, its two @speedo suits). Don’t be hate’n’ 😂

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