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The Canadian Masters Athletics (CMA) Hall of Fame recognizes some of our incredible athletes and hard-working executive.  It includes the pioneers of Masters track and field and the world record holders and those who work hard behind the scenes to make this organization strong.

The Hall of Fame has been set up by the Canadian Masters Athletic Association (CMAA) with the objective of paying tribute to members of the CMAA who have made significant contributions to the CMAA, either as athletes or as executives, administrators or officials. In this way, the CMAA wishes to bring to the attention of its members, and the athletic community at large, the many talented masters athletes, and the many dedicated masters officials, who have contributed greatly to Masters Athletics in Canada over the years.

After the founding of the Hall of Fame by the Executive of the CMAA in 2002, the first members were appointed that year, with the intention that a stated number of members be appointed in each subsequent year. Appointments to the Hall are made in one of two categories, designated as “Athletes” and “Executives”.

The members of the Hall of Fame will be chosen annually by the Executive of the CMAA, based on the recommendations of a Committee chosen annually by the Executive to administer the Hall of Fame.

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Deadline for nominations is March 5, 2017 and should be sent to Sherry Watts, CMA Hall of Fame Committee Chair, at

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