On the Road Again at Moon Lake, Riding Mountain

Sunday was an auspicious day!

It was the first day my #lionessofflanders @soniapensaert had been on a bike (other that tootling around town here) since September 5, 2020 and as a result of the sudden acute manifestation of an illness that was percolating in the background for about a year. So, a big day for us.

We threw her @marinonicycles Turismo touring bike in the truck and headed up to Moon Lake in Riding Mountain National Park. @riding_mountain_lit_ayee. The plan was that she would ride a few km and then pack it in while I did a longer ride. She rode well and felt good and so far she still feels good, so we are pretty happy about that. Running and riding and skiing is a big part of our life together and when one member of the dynamic duo is on the bench, it’s an odd relationship elephant to dance around. So, fingers crossed, slow and steady progress will allow her to regain a portion of her life that she loved.

Also a shoutout to @thesportsmastersgroup and @masakacyclingclub These are two organizations that should virtually meet and shake hands. The power of the global community has enabled Masaka Cycling Club to realize a dream. Couple that existing support with the voice of millions of Masters Athletes around the world, and Masaka Cycling Club would become an even bigger player within Africa. The knowledge base that exists within the global masters cycling community could further enhance their ability to promote a grassroots cycling program that has taken the country of Uganda by storm, but also to develop world class male and female athletes.

Here’s hoping they take this post as an opportunity to reach out to each other. At the very least, I see a good platform to further communicate their message.

Anyway, all the best. Scoob.