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Swimming Canada has released a statement on behalf of themselves, Masters Swimming Canada, and Swim Ontario on how they’re going to allow Masters Swimmers to participate in sanctioned provincial, national, and international competitions.

Prior to this announcement Masters Swimmers in Ontario were notified that they were no longer allowed to compete at this year’s Masters Nationals and the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary despite already buying flights and hotels to the events.

In late 2015 it was announced that Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) was suspended and no longer in good standing with Swim Ontario – the provincial governing body for swimming.

MSO sent out a notice in early January this year that they were not recognized by Swimming Canada, and not recognized by FINA as being part of Swimming Canada, thus illegible to compete.

The statement below offers a solution, allowing masters swimmers from Ontario the ability to compete and be sanctioned:

This is a joint announcement for Swimming Canada, Masters Swimming Canada and Swim Ontario regarding registration for competitive Masters swimming in Ontario in the 2016-17 season.

Swimming Canada, Masters Swimming Canada and Swim Ontario have jointly agreed on a protocol that allows Ontario Masters swimmers to register to participate fully in sanctioned provincial, national and international Masters competitions. Swimmers may now register directly with Swimming Canada.

A $2 fee is required for those swimmers who have previously registered with MSO. Those who have not yet registered may also do so, by following the same link, and paying the indicated fees.

We wish all swimmers a successful and smooth competition season.

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