Just as people know that they belong to other groups or nations, elite Masters Athletes know they are in their own special group. Many mature sports enthusiasts can easily relate to the trials and tribulations that come with being part of such as esteem population. You know you’re a Masters Athlete if you can relate to many habits and beliefs that other enthusiasts have.

At The Sports Masters, this is our top 10 list for you know you are a Masters Athlete when:

TOP 10

1 Your Facebook profile photo is of you in your running gear.

Everyone has a gravatar on their social media sites, however, Masters Athletes enjoy using their profile picture to showcase their latest image of themselves in their favourite athletic gear. Who doesn’t enjoy modelling their latest sports fashions, and when you look good, you want others to see that.

2 You watch a Bruce Lee movie and think to yourself, “I could probably do that.”



How often have you watched your favourite action movie only to think, “damn, that could be me”? As fitness enthusiasts, you always push yourself to master your sport. So, if another elite athlete can do something, you can too.  

3 Your friends come to you for diet tips.



Being a dedicated Masters Athlete is a lifestyle. Your sport is not just your hobby, it is your passion. For the serious mature sports enthusiast, almost every part of your day-to-day activities centers on your sport, especially your diet. Athletes in action eat healthy, nutrient dense foods to keep their body fueled with the essential nutrients.

Because you live a fit, healthy lifestyle, your friends value your knowledge and come to you for all their dieting tips.


4 You have a pair of running shoes just for running on wet, muddy days so you don’t ruin your good shoes.


Why ruin a good thing when you have it? For athletes in action, good running shoes are not only expensive, but once broken in, they mould to your feet perfectly while exercising. Wet, muddy surfaces would ruin the shoe’s shape.  Breaking in a new pair of shoes takes time and is uncomfortable which can affect your stride.


5 Your Instagram account is filled with photos of fit people and food.


Social media is the perfect place to connect with likeminded sports enthusiasts. Masters Athletes know a lot of fit, healthy people. As an athlete in action, you also admire other mature athletic personalities and want to see what they are doing.


6 You can’t park your car in the garage anymore because all your bikes and parts and wheels are in the way.


Masters Athletes can never own just one piece of equipment, they own several. For every season, event, course, and group, avid cyclists often have several different styles and brands of bicycles to pick from.  And to take care of their bikes, extra parts and tools are needed. Cycling stars are always prepared for any emergency by keeping extra parts nearby to fix their bikes. Because after all, you just never know when you are going to need it.


7 There is never enough coffee or brownies or bacon.


As an athlete in action, you might live a healthy, active life, but you’re still human. And some foods are just too good to give up, no matter how healthy, or unhealthy they are. Occasionally it is good to indulge, so load up on that treat, you have earned it.


8 You belong to 21 different Facebook groups, all of which revolve around triathlon.


There are so many different sports related groups on social media, it is impossible to belong to just one. You want to be part of all of them because you never know who you will connect with and what you will learn. No one wants to miss out on a conversation, so you join all the groups.


9 You stay at home on the weekend and watch highlights from the 2001 Tour de France.


Watching other elite athletes perform is exciting and inspirational, regardless of when they competed.  Sometimes weekend plans just go by the way side and chores can wait.


10 You’d rather be training right now.


For most elite Masters Athletes, their world revolves around their sport. The natural high that comes from the exercise is exhilarating and addictive, so they would rather be training than working.


You know you are a Masters Athlete when you live and breathe your sport. At The Sports Masters, we have made our Top 10 list, what is yours? We would love to hear your list, so please comment below to let us know that “You know you are a Masters Athlete when…..”

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