Almost everyone uses an app to track some or all their daily activities. For Masters Athletes, mobile apps are becoming essential, easy-to-use tools that help track, monitor and record their individual progress. Fitness enthusiasts use their application tools to help improve their training, performance, diet and stamina.

Today, there are hundreds of sports mobile apps available. They range from free to those with monthly fees. Many have built-in tracking tools so you can monitor and record your performance. Others can be linked to your other devices to collect data, download your playlists and record information.

With so many application tools available, it can be hard to find the right one for you. At The Sports Masters, we have researched the different athlete mobile apps and found these to the best rated ones currently available on the market.

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Runtastic is an inexpensive app that tracks a runner’s distance, time, calories burned and progress. This app was designed for people who want to train for long distance running, but it is also great for those who like other sports as well including cycling, walking, and other mobile sports.


The combination of Masters Athletes and their nutrition is very important. Eating healthy is not just about calories or food groups consumed, it is about making sure the food you eat has the right nutrients your body’s needs. Fooducate is one of the most advanced nutritional apps available for download. It does more than just give basic caloric information on different edible products. This program provides all the nutritional information on most of the foods you consume so the user develops a better understanding of healthy eating.

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Fitness Builder

Fitness builder is a personal trainer in your phone. This mobile app download has thousands of workout videos and tips to help you with all your exercise goals. It tracks your workouts, progress reports, fitness calculator. The app is great for individual athletes, but therapists use it too to help their clients recover from an injury.


Hands down this is one of the best and most popular cycling apps available for android and iOS users. The GPS system tracks where you are and have been while recording your data including speed, distance, personal records, calories burned and numerous other goal oriented stats. Made for cyclists, but can also be used for other distance sports as well.

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This app for athletes is on the top of almost everyone’s list. The mobile app is pairs with your devices music as well as downloading online charts to play the most upbeat tunes while you are working out. But RockMyRun is more than just a music player. It tracks and records your BMI and automatically picks songs with the same tempo and pace to keep you moving.

Mobile app downloads are becoming an essential tool for Masters Athletes. They help each sports activist stay on top of their fitness goals by tracking and recording your training regimen and stats, motivating you to perform better.

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We have listed our favourite five mobile apps for masters’ athletes. Which one do you use and why? Feel free to comment below and tell us what app(s) you like and why.

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