Out for Lunch!

Nice to be back on the bike. Lunch ride and, since I’m retired, lunch is whenever I want and for however long I want. So there.

I goofed though. Out here in the prairies, unless you are planning a longer ride, you often have to do out and backs simply because the opportunity to hook up with good intersecting roads is poor. Hard to do a nice wandering loop. Usually a big square.

As a result, I try to depart such that the return leg of the out’n’back will have some form of a tailwind. I either chose poorly or the wind changed the minute I turned around. So, although speed remained relatively consistent, effort was harder on the return. Oh well.

@pezcyclingnews is a Canadian web magazine that is hosted by @richardpestes. He is a fan of all things cycling, Italian and Negroni. Maybe not in that order. If you don’t follow the site, you should check it out. Great content, features and interviews.

This @castellicycling jersey is a favourite of mine. The fit is almost perfect in my opinion and it wears well. The graphics are smokin’ too in an understated old school way.

Anyway, all the best.




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