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Jean-Paul Bédard THE GEOGRAPHY OF RESILIENCY The latest release by author and master athlete Jean-Paul Bédard. preorder today To witness the transformative power of human resilience, is to be reminded that weakness and fragility are not be feared, for it is our human capacity to absorb, shift, and grow that ultimately will save us. THE GEOGRAPHY OF RESILIENCE

2018 Nike Hyperdunk

If I were to summarize, Nike seemed to focus more on aesthetics than performance with the latest version of the Nike Hyperdunk. A solid shoe that provides comfort and stability, but the durability factor is ...
Daryl Flacks running with arms raised.

The Necessity of Running

By Daryl Flacks Been having a hard time staying focused lately? Skipped so many runs you’ve lost count? You just haven’t felt like it or maybe not in the mood. You’re not eating well and haven’t been drinking ...
Cropped version of the Racing Age book cover photo.

Winning the Race against Time

Angela Jimenez’s new book, Racing Age, explores a level of athleticism that many may not know was possible: competitive Masters Track & Field for those athletes aged 60 and over. Jimenez, a former collegiate track & field multi-event athlete, has s...
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