Reid Anderton

Pedaling with a Purpose


Who will be the last man ‘cycling’?

Starting on July 4, 2023, three ultra-marathon cycling Guinness World Record Holders (GWR) are going head-to-head to see who can ride the farthest distance.

This showdown will take place at Birds Hill Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada. The park has an 11 kilometer loop with a wide shoulder and low volume of traffic.

The riders include:

  1. Reid Anderton (Australia) – present GWR holder for cycling 14,178 kilometers around Australia in 37 days, 1 hour and 18 min. Reid will be raising money for Eagles Wings.
  2. Andrew Hellinga (Australia) – present GWR holder for cycling 337 kilometers in 24 hours, facing backwards and is a very strong ultra cyclist.  Andrew will also be raising money for Eagles Wings.
  3. Arvid Loewen (Canada) – present GWR holder for farthest distance cycled in one month (30 days) of 11,619 kilometers and is the former GWR holder for crossing Canada in 13 days, 6 hours and 13 min. Arvid is raising funds for Mully Children’s Family.

The rules for this event are simple – each rider is allowed to ride until he has been off the bike for a cumulative off-bike total time of 60 minutes.

No matter who ends up winning this endurance event, the children who benefit from these great causes will be the real winners.