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So what is a perfect storm?

Like Wikileakiepedia and the Googlies say: it is when a specific set of conditions comes together in a rare opportunity to combine and produce an event that is potentially catastrophic. Often, the phrase is used in conjunction with meteorological events, but it is also used to describe other particularly bad events that were influenced by circumstances previously thought impossible in that scenario.

Like Donald Trump becoming president or Vladimir Putin being democratically elected as president for life. In my case it’s a haircut. In my case, it’s the convenient coincidence of a world wide pandemic, the barbers (men go to barbers) being closed and my wife (who is a veterinarian and who often has to shave cats and dogs) feels she has sufficient on the job training to give me a “little trim”. I’ll be honest. My mop was becoming a little unruly, and I was longing for a trip to my local barber, but I am on the job through the day and am usually wearing a cap. So no big deal. Or so I thought.

Anyway, I now feel like Samson after a night with Delilah. I am just grateful she didn’t go for the lion cut.

Anyway, all the best. Scoob.

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