Race Across the East

Race Across America, Inc. has announced the inaugural Race Across the East (RAE).

RAE will start June 19, 2024 in Blanchester, Ohio, follow the Race Across America (RAAM) route, and finish in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The race will become an integral component of RAAM. The RAE route will be approximately 630 miles with 40,000 feet of elevation gain.

Race Across the West (RAW) racers start in Oceanside, California with the Solo RAAM riders and finish in Durango, Colorado. The RAAM riders continue on to the East Coast. The RAE riders will start in Blanchester about the same time the RAAM riders begin to pass through Blanchester, and ride among the leading RAAM riders on their way to Atlantic City.

RAE is open to solo riders as well as 2 and 4-person teams. Solos and Teams must be accompanied by a support crew. Participants will carry GPS trackers enabling family, friends and fans to follow them throughout the race. The Atlantic City finish will be live-streamed. RAE participation will be capped at 55 racers. Register early to insure your place.

The 3 races – RAAM, RAW and RAE – are stand-alone events. But the combination – RAE (630 miles), RAW (930 miles) and RAAM (3,000 miles) – provide a progression for aspiring RAAM racers. The RAE racers will have an opportunity to ride and communicate with the RAAM racers.

Company president, Fred Boethling, explained, “2024 will be the 42nd edition of RAAM–the world’s toughest bicycle race. We introduced Race Across the West (RAW) in 2008. After we’d run RAW a couple of years, every year more riders would ask us, ‘Why don’t you do a Race Across the East?’ Well, it’s time.”

Aspiring Solo RAAM racers must qualify at a RAAM Qualifying event. RAE will be a RAAM Qualifier (RQ). Teams do not need to qualify for TEAM RAAM. Riders on 2 and 4-person RAAM Teams automatically qualify for Solo RAAM. All prospective RAAM participants are encouraged to race RQs. It’s good for the racers and good for the sport.

Registration for the Race Across the East will open January 1, 2024.

About Race Across America, Inc.

Race Across America, Inc. is the world leader in the sport of ultra bicycle racing. The Company owns and operates Race Across America –The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race, a 3,000-mile coast-to-coast race across the USA, as well as 5 RAAM Qualifying events.

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