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With the cancellation of their 2020 event due to Covid-19, organizers of the RBC GranFondo are offering a virtual training program to all interested cyclists at no cost.  Whether you’re looking to get fitter, refine your power output or take on a new sport, they’ve got a 12 week cycling program to help you reach your goal.

RBC GranFondo has partnered with SportMedBC, creators of the successful InTraining running program, who will be providing specialist cycling knowledge and supporting their friendly expert coaches.

Because of Covid-19, instead of running their usual location-based Fondo Clinic program, they have decided to release the training programs for free!

Simply choose your cycling level – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced and opt-in to whether you want free weekly newsletter support including coaching tips, explainers and more. The program will be available to download immediately.

The options:

  1. Beginner

Start riding safely and comfortably with the ultimate goal being fit to ride a Gran Fondo distance. When events return, you’ll be ready to go!  Suitable for beginners. All levels of fitness welcome.

  1. Women’s

Suitable for beginners / intermediates (new Intermediate Clinic for 2020). 

  1. Intermediate

Beginner Clinic graduate? Already conquered a Fondo? Improve your riding prowess and challenge your personal best.  Suitable for intermediate riders. Average fitness levels and up recommended / you can ride a bike for over 60km already.

  1. Advanced

Have skills and fitness beyond intermediate? Looking for that epic Strava ride to impress your buddies?  Suitable for confident cyclists who have done structured training in the past. Above average fitness recommended / have ridden 100km.

What’s included in the free download?

  • 90 min program x 12 weeks
  • Detailed training plans and practice exercises
  • Weekly support email from SportMedBC to help guide you through the program
  • Coaching tips

For more information, visit

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