Ready for the 2024 Trans Am Nonstop Bike Race

Leah Goldstein has been training for months to take on another ultra-endurance challenge in the form of an unsupported ride across the continental United States.

Along with 58 other riders, Leah Goldstein will be riding in the 10th year anniversary version of the Trans Am Nonstop Bike Race.  Starting in Astoria, Oregon on June 2nd, she will pedal 6,600+ kilometers on her own all the way to Yorktown, Virginia.

She will be doing the ride unsupported, which has required extensive planning, training and research in regard to bike maintenance training, route selection, elevations, nutrition choices and where to sleep along the way. She is not allowed to have contact with anyone accept for her coach over the phone.

Leah Goldstein has an impressive resume of ultra-endurance cycling events that include the Hoodoo 500 and the Race Across America in 2021 in which she became the first female overall winner.

“Unlocking your endurance potential is key to reaching your most challenging goals”, stated Goldstein. “Ultra endurance athletes are a unique breed. They thrive on pushing their physical and mental boundaries, constantly chasing new goals and striving for greatness. However, despite their unwavering dedication, there are times when even the most elite athletes find themselves struggling to reach their desired milestones. In those moments of doubt, it’s essential to remember that we all possess a special gift: the gift of hard work.”

Leah Goldstein is the author of “No Limits”, the powerful true story of her accomplishments as World Kickboxing Champion, Israeli Undercover Police Agent, and Cycling Champion.

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