2018 Nike Hyperdunk
A solid shoe for youth athletes requiring a game shoe with a low price point, but durabilty would hamper long term wear for older athletes.
Styling 90%
Pricing 18%
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  • Pro Two
  • Pro Three
Con Title
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  • Con Three
61%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (3 Votes)

If I were to summarize, Nike seemed to focus more on aesthetics than performance with the latest version of the Nike Hyperdunk.

A solid shoe that provides comfort and stability, but the durability factor is a major issue for long-term wear.  The shoe would be perfect for a youth athlete looking to impress their friends and wear a solid performing shoe.  For the older athlete who could wear a shoe longer, the quick wear of the sole and stitching with the Nike Hyperdunk needs to be a focus.



One Response

  1. Bill

    Still wearing these shoes. Not sure what the reviewer is talking about, these are the most durable shoes I’ve ever owned. Still can’t dunk, so not sure the “Hyper Dunk” name is very accurate.

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