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Saikel is a unique cycling studio experience that uses cutting edge in-studio technology to fuel results with motivational instructors and high energy music.

For a full body, fat-burning workout that incorporates interval training designed to produce real results, real quick.   At Saikel you’ll push yourself to work harder than you ever thought possible. Step into a studio designed with a close eye for detail. Our studio offers stadium-style seating, making every seat in the house a great one. Our Stages bikes are connected to provide you with live real-time data with the capabilities of monitoring RPM, power, calorie expenditure, speed and distance. Participate in the in-class interactive studio leaderboard (optional) and you’ll be ranked against classmates.

An experience that lasts 45 minutes and includes climbs and high intensity intervals, It’s an amazing workout that challenges your body and focuses your mind. In a Saikel class, your instructor will lead the way using resistance levels and RPM targets to aim for. But you’re in control, you decide what’s comfortable for your fitness level.

Your Saikel bike can be customized for you; you set the positions that fit your body and comfort.

Music is also an integral part of the Saikel experience. Our instructors choose their playlists and choreograph each ride to provide the most exhilarating workout experience. We have rides to fit every ability level – Saikel Starter and Saikel 101 will teach you the basics of bike setup, proper techique and a lot more!

If you’re the competitive type, you may opt in to participate in our live in-studio Leader Board – large-screen displays that show how you’re performing in relation to your classmates. For those of you who would prefer to kick butt privately – no problem! Posting your results on the Leader Board is optional.

Your stats for every ride will be recorded and made available in your private account on our website. This will allow you to set your own goals and measure your performance over time.

The instructors and clients make the Saikel Squad a friendly, fun environment that has something to offer for everyone.





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