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The Saipan Baseball League (SBL) foresees a more active Masters Baseball game ahead, according to league director, Tony Rogolifoi.

In an interview last week, Rogolifoi said the influx of former Big Leaguers and Little League graduates will pave the way for older SBL players to move into Masters’ league.

With many younger players expected to join in the next season, SBL teams will have to max out the roster to 25. This will affect the playing time of each player, Rogolifoi said.

Also, Rogolifoi said there are a lot of major league players who have reached the age when they could no longer compete with much younger players.

“My take is to recruit more young players so the older major league players can move to Masters,” the league director said.

“We call it continuity,” he added referring to the Masters’ baseball program.

Once an older SBL player feels like he’s done with the major league, at least there is still a chance for them continue playing basically for healthy lifestyle and fun.

The SBL is opening its Masters’ league that later this month at the Francisco Tanko Palacios Baseball Field. It is open for players 40 years old and above and will have its own special rules.

The games he said will be played in seven inning and pitchers are limited to four innings.

Also, the rosters are limited at 15 players. Metal or wood bats may be used during the league and teams are asked to start purchasing their equipment.

It’s been almost 10 years since the last Masters’ baseball league saw action on Saipan.

The last time was in 2006 when the Cyclones, Tornadoes, Typhoons and Hurricanes clashed in the playoffs.

Towards the end of the Masters league, the SBL, Rogolifoi said will try to get an all-star team to friendly tournament with Guam’s baseball community that continue to have an active Masters league.

For more information please email Tony Rogolifoi at, or League Treasurer Bern Cabrera.



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