Sergey Bubka, Ukrainian Olympic Champion, Asks for Your Support

Sergey Bubka, President of the International Masters Games Association, recently distributed this heartfelt letter in response to the situation of Ukraine and the devastating effect it’s having on their people.

Dear Masters Community and Friends,

Please, allow me to turn to you at this difficult times of the war in my country. The current situation in Ukraine is extremely difficult and currently many people live in danger.

It is a very hard time for me – the time of hard working and the time of decisions on how to help my country, my compatriots, athletes and coaches, my colleagues and friends, who need help as never. First of all, we are helping people who need to leave the territories that are under war. Over a million people, mostly women and children have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Millions of people lose their livelihoods and stay without medical care, food and clothes on the Ukrainian territories. From the sports community side, we are trying as much as we can to channel and reinforce the soft power of our global unity to support people in Ukraine as much as we can in these unprecedented times.

We are inviting everybody to help thousands of women and children that left their homes without the opportunity to take anything with them. The key priorities at this stage will be first aid medical materials, hygiene products, clothes for kids, long-lasting food and financial support.

I think about the possibility to organize sportswear, sport shoes, equipment of any sport for children who are now living in refugee camps. Children do not have the opportunity to study on the school programs, so at least they will be able to play sport and spend their leisure time properly distracting from the horror of the life in which they find themselves now.

I am thankful a lot that so many people have not stand aside of this tragedy. I can’t help but turn to all my friends and with this letter I am asking you to consider any possibility in this regard.

Thank you for your continued support!

Sergey Bubka

If you prefer to give financial support by making a donation (in EUR) to the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, here are the details:

Account Name: NOC of Ukraine


IBAN: UA543223130000026006012820116

Swift Code: EXBSUAUX

Address: Kiev, Ukraine

Account Number: 26006012820116 / 978