1 – Freezing the stomach organ

The basis of Fluid Isometrics is to bring tissue to the proper temperature so there is optimal flow for blood and oxygen. When you drink something really cold, like water with ice, it will slow the digestive process and your system will become sluggish.

The worst is ice cream. When you ingest frozen fat, you are asking your system to become backlogged. Fat needs to be a certain temperature to become liquid and to be digested properly. Ice cream not only freezes the stomach organ, but also creates a buildup of undigested fats affecting the ability for your body to digest efficiently.

2 – Social Eating

Having a meal is one of the few times we can connect with family when life is busy. It is also a time to meet with friends and catch up. However, eating is something that should have your full attention.

The tongue muscle is designed to help break down food. It is also the muscle we use to articulate words. These 2 functions aren’t meant to work simultaneously. The result is the action of chewing is incomplete causing us to swallow food in a solid form. This taxes the stomach and creates an improper breakdown of food, adding inflammation and size to the core.

3 – Negative Emotions about Eating

For years when I dieted, I always felt guilty when I cheated. The word cheating is basically synonymous with that emotion. This often leads to eating too much and too fast as we attempt to stuff the emotion further from our awareness.

When you want to treat yourself, take the time to really enjoy the food, no matter what it is. Savor it and tell yourself it is good for you. This will promote better chewing and breathing which will help to digest the food and limit the quantity.

4 – Low fat diet

The idea that we are too “fat” causes people to limit fats from their diet. Unfortunately we have been given incorrect information about this and it is causing the general population to become increase in size.

Fat is a requirement for many systems and actions in the cells. If the body is deprived, it will store the fat to preserve it. Of course it is important to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats, but eating healthy fats is necessary for our cells to function and be youthful.

5 – Listening to the masses

Of course we need to be educated on nutrition so we can feed our cells and ourselves well. However there are so many opinions and contradictions that it can be very confusing and overwhelming.

The only person that really knows what is good for you is you. There are many factors that determine what is healthy: body and blood type, environment and the health of the individual in the moment, to name a few. Becoming conscious of how you feel when you eat is the best feedback you can receive. It takes time to learn about yourself, but after all, eating is a daily requirement and it is all about how you feel.

6 – Counting Calories

The amount of calories we ingest vs. the amount of energy we expend is only one part of the equation for keeping a healthy weight. Our size changes because gravity compresses tissue, making us shorter and wider as we age. This leads to our systems functioning less efficiently, causing a backlog of waste, which adds weight.

Block Therapy is the solution to decompress tissue, promoting better digestion and elimination. I also recommend a good cleanse once in a while to rid the cells of accumulated waste.

Breathe & Believe

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