So today I shaved a full minute and a half off of my swim time over the same distance swam yesterday and the day before.

On Tuesday, in my new @speedo nana-nana’s I did admit that I felt slippery and faster. That was probably just me getting my Spitz on 😀 (I could have said Phelps but I am an old guy). However yesterday, although feeling good in the water I was slower than today. I will admit that I am not moving through the water the way I was 12 years ago (speed and fluidity) but I do spend more time moving forward than I do thrashing about. That being said, why the big time differences? Tuesday I felt good in the water and was faster, but yesterday I felt good but was slower. Today I felt uncoordinated, but was faster. Is it the nut huggers?

Am I periodically (and briefly) (that wasn’t a swimsuit pun) getting it all together and moving properly? Or am I simply miscounting laps? Yesterday, I had thought I miscounted, so I dropped down one lap. Thought I did that twice. Today I was certain that I counted properly. So, is it me and my numerical ADD, or THE SUIT? Perhaps I need a swim watch that does the thinking for me. Ooooh, and maybe some underwater headphones so I can totally throw my highly syncopated style into the deep end.

Oh well, I may not be as good as I once was, but I am as good once as I ever was. Anyway, all the best. Scoob. @thesportsmastersgroup

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