The Engine Inside

The Engine Inside, a feature-length documentary narrated by Phill Liggett, tells the stories of six everyday people from all over the globe who reveal the unique power of the bicycle to change lives and build a better world.

Through their stories, this film uncovers the often-overlooked potential of this 200-year-old machine, exploring its impact on a wide range of global issues such as physical and mental health, socioeconomic inequality, and climate change. By shining a light on people who have embraced cycling as a way to overcome daunting personal and systemic challenges, The Engine Inside ultimately asks viewers to reconsider their own perspective.

Is there a transformative power within us all that can be unlocked through the simple act of riding a bike?

This cinematic journey takes viewers from the urban landscapes of America to rural Africa, the Alaskan wilderness to the bustle of Cairo, celebrating the indomitable spirit of cyclists who surmount formidable challenges, ignite hope, and drive positive change.

Produced over two years of non-stop shooting and editing, The Engine Inside is one the most challenging and emotionally rewarding films the Anthill Films crew has ever created. As director Darcy Wittenburg shares, “Amidst a sea of documentaries painting a grim portrait of our world, we aimed to pedal in the opposite direction. Our vision was to craft an enlightening narrative that merged humanity’s inventive spirit with physical endurance to champion a brighter future.”

We all know that riding a bike has massive physical and mental health benefits, but can riding a bike really change the world?

For the past century, our society has grappled with the unintended consequences of a car-centric culture. Follow the lives of six individuals from diverse backgrounds who have devoted themselves to a simple, age-old machine – the bicycle. Through their struggles and challenges, witness how bicycles have the potential to transform lives and contribute to a better world.

The bike is a positive force for change. The simple yet powerful machine on two wheels has the capability to create profound impact on people and the planet. Biking gives a sense of freedom, independence, and connects communities. Take action to discover the deeper reasons to bike, and ways to support the causes within the cycling community.

Covering many different global issues from climate change and indigenous trauma to socio-economic inequality and more livable cities, The Engine Inside sparks hope and agency in everyone it touches.

“We’re at a crux in human history. Never before have we experienced so many converging problems: the climate crisis, social and economic inequality, cultural trauma, and transportation issues. “The Engine Inside” is about unlocking the bicycle as a simple, and often overlooked, solution for many of our challenges. The timing and the message of this film has never been as poignant or as urgent as it is now. We hope this empowers people all over the world to ride their bikes and know that a better future is possible”, says Darcy Wittenburg.

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