The Power of Resisting Fear in Ultra Endurance Sports

By Leah Goldstein, Ultra Endurance Cyclist

The challenge is resisting fear, mastering fear; not the absence of it.

In the world of extreme sports and long-distance endurance challenges, the line between fear and exhilaration can often blur. As you push your physical and mental limits to accomplish your goals, it’s crucial to understand the significance of resistance to fear in your journey.

Fear is a natural response, hardwired into our biology, meant to keep us safe from harm. It’s the warning signal that our brains use to protect us from danger. However, in the world of ultra endurance sports, fear can often manifest as self-doubt, anxiety, and even panic. It’s that nagging voice in the back of your mind that questions your abilities, causing hesitation and potentially hindering your performance.

But here’s the truth: fear can be both your ally and your adversary, depending on how you choose to perceive and handle it. When harnessed correctly, fear becomes the fuel that propels you beyond your limits, the driving force behind your achievements.

Here are a few essential points to keep in mind as you embrace the challenge and begin resisting fear in your ultra endurance pursuits:

  1. Acknowledge Fear as a Companion: Instead of avoiding or suppressing fear, accept it as a natural part of your journey. Recognize that feeling fear is not a sign of weakness but a testament to the magnitude of your goals.
  2. Harness Fear as Motivation: Transform fear into motivation. Let it be the reason you push yourself harder, train smarter, and strive for excellence. When fear whispers that you can’t, let it fuel your determination to prove it wrong. Visualize yourself achieving your goals and acknowledge how it will feel if you don’t.
  3. Break Down Fear into Manageable Steps: Ultra endurance events can be overwhelming. Break down your goals into smaller, manageable steps. Focus on conquering one challenge at a time, and fear will have less room to paralyze you.
  4. Mental Resilience Matters: Just as physical training is essential, so is mental conditioning. Train your mind to remain calm under pressure, to stay focused when fear tries to distract you, and to maintain a positive mindset even in the face of adversity. Train without crutches to distract you and keep your mind busy. Focusing on how it will look and feel when you accomplish your goals will train your mind for success.
  5. Learn from Fear: Every moment of fear is an opportunity for growth. Reflect on your experiences, both the triumphs and the moments when fear seemed insurmountable. Use these lessons to become a stronger, more resilient athlete.
  6. Community and Support: Surround yourself with a supportive community of fellow athletes who understand the challenges you face. Share your fears and experiences, and draw strength from their encouragement.

Remember, the greatest achievements often lie on the other side of fear. Embrace the challenge with open arms, knowing that resistance to fear will be your steadfast companion on your journey towards greatness. When you conquer fear, you not only redefine your limits but inspire others to do the same.

You are capable of incredible feats. Embrace the resistance to fear, and let it be the motivation to push you past your perceived limits.

Wishing you unwavering determination and incredible success in your pursuits.

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About the Author

Leah Goldstein is an internationally sought after speaker, a World Champion Kickboxer, Israeli Undercover Police Officer, National Cycling Champion and Winner of the Race Across America, the world’s toughest bike race.