Managed to get out for a rip with my #lionessofflanders @soniapensaert today.

She completed her Saskatoon Half Marathon yesterday and needed to spin out her legs. So off we went to #mybackyard @ridingmountainnationalpark

It was windy but fun. The park is hilly but that’s part of the allure. On a disappointing note though, it never fails to amaze me how ridiculously foolish drivers can be. Passing us on the left, by moving into the oncoming lane and crossing a double yellow line; and all while traffic is oncoming. It is beyond me why that 10 seconds of patience just doesn’t seem to exist.

All it would take to cause disaster would be an animal darting out of the forest, a blown tire on either the bikes or the vehicles causing one or the other to swerve. I simply don’t understand how the need to be that much further down the road, at that exact moment in time, is reason enough to risk not only the lives of the cyclists, but also the lives of people in the oncoming lane, the lives of the occupants in your own vehicle, and your own life.

Anyway, all the best. Be safe. Scoob.

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