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By Lorraine Pelley

Who says you can’t look good while working out? Now that the cold weather is a distant memory, it’s time to look ahead at getting the right clothing for your summer fitness schedule. This year’s spring and trends are designed for comfort and style. Both older and younger fitness buffs will look fabulous with these stylish looks.


Don’t put away your black leggings yet, but you might want to make room in your closet for more colours in your workout wardrobe. This spring, the fashion industry is opening the doors to all the different shades for workout gear. Female athletes have a choice between going for softer look by wearing light colours like pastels, nudes, and whites, or they can choose bolder, jewel toned gear. Vibrant colours like reds, blues, plums, and silvers will also on the must wear list. With the variety of hues to choose from, Masters Athletes cannot go wrong with their workout clothing.

Male focused clothing is expected to be more earth tones shaded.  The trending colours for men’s outfits will have more natural shades, to reflect a rugged, down-to-earth side of fitness.

Softer Fabrics

The days of donning ridged, uncomfortable, non-breathing fabrics are gone. This season, the focus is on working out comfortably in clothing that moves with the body and breathes. Sustainable cottons and bamboo cloth are the big sellers in exercise clothing.

Bamboo viscus and other eco-friendly materials are fashionable because they are made for the active person. Not only are they softer and breath better than other cloths, they also absorb moisture better for a drier, odour reducing workout. With these designs you can look and smell good while peaking at your athletic performance.


Masters Athletes do not want clothes that bunch in all the wrong places, restrict movement or are too bulky.  This season’s trends promise to do none of that. Female fashions are designed with a looser, more comfortable style. Semi-fitted track suits and shirts with wider openings at the neck will be more comfortable and less restrictive.

For the masculine athlete, this year is not only about looking good, it’s about looking dry. After all, who wants to drip with sweat when you’re doing your favourite activity. The top spring trends for men include fitted, perspiration absorbing shirts and legging under looser tops and shorts. Snug tops and bottoms with moisture-wicking technology intertwined in the fibers is a necessary accessory when pumping iron.

Combining the absorbent wear with comfy, relaxed fitting top layers is the perfect combo in athletic gear.


Combining fitted with baggy, tapered pants on tracksuits are the most in demand look for male sports buffs. The slimming style is streamlined for a clean, crisp look. The non-restrictive design allows for better movement.


Wearing onesies when you’re working out might work for some, but this year’s trend setters are choosing to layer their outfits, mixing the standard leggings or shorts, with loose tops, sports bras, and jackets for a great look that provides protection and fluid movement in all the right areas.

The Anywhere Wear

The trend to move gym clothes from only being worn during exercise routines has been shifting for the past year. The upcoming styles are continuing to drive that movement forward with clothing designed to be worn anywhere. The days of changing your clothes before exercise are in the past. Today’s outfits can be worn at work, at home, or at the gym – almost anywhere.

With this season’s workout wear, Masters Athletes will look great and move more easily while giving their all in the sport they love.


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