The Masters Track and Field (MTF) Committee agreed to add a 25-29 age group at the USATF Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada last December. The addition of this new “pre-masters” age group was championed by the late MTF Chair, Rex Harvey, in a push to retain post-collegiate non-elite, intramural, and recreational athletes.

The age category was added to the Indoor and Outdoor Championships beginning with the 2020 Outdoor Championships, as well as the Indoor and Outdoor Combined Events Championships and Throws Championships.

“The addition of the 25-29 age group to Masters Track and Field affords thousands of athletes the opportunity to compete post-collegiately at a high level,” says MTF Interim Chair, Jerry Bookin-Weiner. “We look forward to welcoming many new spectacular athletes to the Masters Track and Field circuit.”

Athletes in the “pre-masters” age group will join the 30-34 age group, called “sub-masters,” as eligible to compete in USATF masters meets.  At the international level however, masters competition begins at age 35 in World Masters Athletics meets.

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