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The Australian Baseball Federation has recognized Baseball Victoria as servicing the state where it all began for Masters Baseball in that country as the sport continues to grow in popularity and participation, meeting the needs for mature-aged athletes.

From humble beginnings back in the 1995/96 campaign—with six sides funded principally by the Australian Sports Commission—Masters baseball has grown enormously to now offer Monday and Tuesday evening competitions during the summer months for 25 club sides comprised of players ranging from 38 years to well into their 60s.

The Victoria Summer Baseball League Masters competition runs from October to March each year on a Monday or Tuesday night. To participate, a player shall be a minimum of 38 years as of 1 November and must be at least 40 to pitch in a game. The rules have been modified to assist those whose arms and legs may not be as good as they once were. Whether you’ve been playing baseball for all your life or you’ve only ever been good enough to dream of being a Major League star, there is a team with which to play.

Competition matches are generally competed within the metropolitan areas of Melbourne and a weekly double header is usually played at Melbourne Ballpark in Altona.

Baseball Victoria also remains a patron of the annual Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival—an enormously popular event that started up in 1997 and returns to its Ballarat home in 2011 with its sardonic catch-cry: “The older we get, the better we were.”

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