Recently on my nightstand- Yellow Dog by #miriamkorner So, I have to admit that I was fooling around when I said I would read this to #losperosdeldiablo during morning reading ⭕️ . But I did read it and I did enjoy it! Admittedly, the book is very young and the audience would be best if it were 12 year old boys or girls or young teens, but reading it took me back 45 years to when I was a kid and living through Farley Mowatt and his stories like “Owls in the House” and “Lost in the Barrens”. I remember those stories even today and I remember the teacher who challenged me to read and broaden my horizons through books. I spent the majority of my career working in northern Manitoba and have heard these stories and worked with the people that live this life and tell these stories. The book was a simple read and the story was predictable to me. Partly because of other books I have read, and partly because of the life I have lived. This book could be the “Lost in the Barrens” for this generation, and I challenge all young boys and girls, of any culture, to read this story. On a very simple level, it is just a heartwarming story. On a bigger level though it is a cultural story of the challenges that indigenous (and non-indigenous) youth and their families face in remote and isolated communities and how some (not all) youth are growing up in communities like this all across 🇨🇦 The challenges in these communities are very real. The hardships are very real. The sense of family is also very real and is a mainstay in communities exactly like this all over 🇨🇦. Give it a read. You might be surprised at how much you like it. I was. Anyway, all the best.

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Born in 1962. Married, father of two. Retired since 2018 from a career in the electrical utility industry. Lifelong involvement in sport at a competitive and recreational level. Avid reader and travel enthusiast. Currently a busy renovator and provides management experience as a contractor within the worldwide electrical generation industry. Speaks three or four languages poorly enough to get in trouble almost anywhere.

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